Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany has dared the Jubilee Party to organize and announce dates for party elections, arguing that allies of Deputy President William Ruto; who are perceived as rebels will win all the seats.

Speaking to a local daily, Kositany noted that only the disciplinary organ of Jubilee is active, adding that all other wings are dead.

Kositany maintained that he and other allies of the DP will not quit Jubilee, adding that quitting is an act of cowardice. He further noted that if they quit, they’ll not expose the rot and deceit in the Jubilee Party.

“Resignation is an act of cowardice, fight from within, expose them, let them play into your tricks, if we would have resigned, how would Kenyans know that we have evils, dishonesty, tyrants, selfish, thankless people in Jubilee? If they are men enough, let them call party elections today, we will sweep everything from their fold,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jubilee Party has vowed to continue cracking the whip on leaders considered to be disloyal to the party.

Speaking a local daily on Saturday, Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary-General Joshua Kutuny noted that the party is actively looking for persons to replace nominated senators who are facing expulsion.

“The fate of the six nominated senators is now sealed. It is now formal that we will replace them, we are going to have a vibrant team which is going to come in…We are going to identify people who are going to be committed to the party. We have men and women who are ready to take up those positions, popularise the agenda of the party and be loyal,” Kutuny said.

Elsewhere, Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju recently defended the move to axe perceived rebels, noting that the party had been so patient with the leaders.

“When you see us taking action against any renegade party officials, it is not something that we do gleefully. By the time we take action against any individual, it’s because they have created a situation that is almost untenable,” he said.