A primary school teacher was found dead inside a police holding cell at the Ragana Police Post in Migori County.

He had been arrested on the evening of Friday April 2, 2021, over alleged domestic violence.

Henry Wanga Aura, a P1 teacher at Tom Mboya Ragana Primary School was discovered dead in his cell by a police officer who was on duty.

File image of a police vehicle. |Photo| Courtesy|

He was arrested after he had been involved in an altercation with his wife and she reported him to the police.

The deceased's mother, Rasnael Aura found out about her son's death when she took him food in the morning.

Henry's wife has since disappeared after she heard of his death.

“I brought him breakfast but the officer on duty was reluctant to allow me to see him. I became suspicious and called his brothers. That’s when we were told he had died. The officer claimed that he hung himself the previous night using a shirt,” the mother said.

The mother explained that her son had had a disagreement with his wife on April 2, which led to the arrest.

“He had a scuffle with his wife. I was in my house and only heard his wife shouting. Nobody was willing to share what had ensued, so I took it as a normal family difference,” she narrated.

Irate residents stormed the police post demanding answers as to what caused the teacher's death.

They accused officers at the recently established police post of carrying out extrajudicial killings.