An autopsy conducted on slain KDF soldier Daniel Omollo Onyango has revealed that he died due to low oxygen concentration in his blood.

The autopsy was conducted on Thursday at the Defense Forces Memorial Hospital by KDF pathologists in the presence of chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

Preliminary investigations by the DCI had revealed that the fallen soldier’s wife local musician Violet Asale bit his chest, shoulder, and bit off his finger in their Kahawa Wendani home leading to Onyango’s murder.

It is not clear whether the cause of death was as a result of the wounds allegedly inflicted by the soldier’s wife.

The two are reported to have had a domestic argument on Sunday April 4, before being involved in a violent confrontation that resulted to the soldier’s death.

According to Violet who was arrested and detained for 10 days pending investigations, her husband did not die from being stabbed or bitten as alleged by the authorities.

She claims that following their argument, the late Onyango tried suffocating her, but she managed to set herself free, only for the KDF soldier to start complaining of difficulty in breathing.

"He wasn’t stabbed and he doesn’t even have a stab wound. My husband fainted. During the scuffle, I freed myself and left him in the bedroom.

"When he gets angry he likes throwing things in the house and self-harming. After like five minutes, he called out saying he was having difficulty breathing. He started holding his stomach, I don’t know where he hit himself," Asale was quoted as saying.