The family of police constable Hudson Wakise who was attached to the VIP protection unit at the Ministry of Interior and that of his wife, police constable Pauline Wekesa are at loggerheads over where she should be buried.

Wakise's family wants Pauline buried next to him at his Taita Taveta County home where he hails from. Pauline's family, however, want her buried at her rural home in Kakamega County.

"They are our children and the tragedy has already happened. We wanted to bury them both here," one of Wakise's family members stated.

File image of police constable Pauline Wekesa. |Courtesy| Twitter|

Pauline's family have, however, maintained that they want her buried in on Saturday, April 10 at her home.

Based on the events that led up to their deaths, her family were adamant to let her be buried at Wakise's home.

The couple were involved in a domestic altercation that saw Wakise shoot Pauline before turning the gun on himself.

An autopsy report revealed that Pauline was shot three times in the chest and four times on the hand. Scratches on her hands indicated that there was a struggle between the two before the fatal incident.

Relatives who have been interviewed by the media revealed that the couple had separated days before the tragic incident.

"Our sister (Pauline) moved out of their house on Sunday and came to stay with us with her children. We actually helped her move that day," the kin explained.

"She had found a string of chats on his phone, which made her believe that he was cheating on her," the kin added.

Pauline's family described Wakise as a humble person and revealed that his actions had shocked them.

File image of Police constable Hudson Wakise. |Courtesy| Twitter|