ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has been a trending topic for the better part of Saturday and Sunday following claims that he was set to be sacked by the Orange Party.

Reports of the alleged plan to sack him emanated from veteran journalist cum politician David Makali who claimed Sifuna lacked the necessary skills to be ODM Secretary-General and will soon be shown the door.

According to Makali, when ODM starts pursuing new alliances, Sifuna will be let go. He further noted that the lawyer will remain in the cold if the Orange party parts way with him.

"Aggressive conduct is not the demeanour of lawyers but that is his stock in trade, which diminishes his otherwise brilliant mind. I foresee turbulence on his political timeline because the position he occupies does not require a strident and sharp tongue but accommodation and wisdom, which he exhibits acute deficiency.

“The media and political opponents have often been on the receiving end of his acerbic statements, making him the most antagonistic party official in town. If ODM drops him, as it surely will to embrace new allies, he might not find new suitors readily. But that's politics," Makali said.

Additionally, a local daily reported that Sifuna could be shown the door due to his tough-worded statement attacking former NASA principals; Kalonzo Musyoka, Senator Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi.

Following the reports, social media was awash with claims that sifuna will soon be ejected. Netizens revisited statements by the Secretary-General with one reaching out to him for clarification.

Responding to the netizen, Sifuna cheekily said “At least they haven't announced my death”.

Amidst the debate, ODM Communication Director Philip Etale without mentioning names posted “Anything from outside the house is a rumour, so treat it as such. Thank you.”