The death of Sergeant Kevin Kipyegon Kenei is far from dusted even after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) ruled it as a murder.

Kenei was found dead in his apartment on February 2, 2020, in Villa Franca Estate, Nairobi.

In an investigative piece aired by KTN News on the night of April 11, 2021, Kenei's father John Chesang vowed to revive the case, turning his attention to Deputy President William Ruto.

File image of John Chesang. |Courtesy|YouTube|

The grieving father told the media house that the DP was yet to fulfill any of the promises he made to the family prior to Kenei's burial.

Chesang queried the DP's motives after he had claimed at the time of Kenei's burial that his life was in danger. He also took an issue with the DP's criticism of the DCI.

"Since then, no action has been taken and we have not communicated in any form whatsoever. We, the family, were expecting to see him (Ruto) because he had claimed that he would have been the target instead of Kenei. What action has he taken?

"He was also blaming the DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations). Why has he not informed us of any other entity he is using to carry out the investigations? He does not want DCI and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), what does he want?" Chesang posed.

Reports indicate that the DP made promises to the family in a closed private meeting.

"We just see him go about his business. We are truly hurt. Our son worked in that office for seven and a half years. Why has the office not given him any respect?" he added.

Chesang also alleged that prior to his death, Kenei had unsuccessfully sought a transfer from the DP's office twice.

"He tried to leave the office twice. There was no bad blood. Only because he was from the Tugen tribe while the rest were Nandi. He was not let out that often, and never got equal allowances. If he had been allowed to leave, this death would have been avoided," Chesang stated.

He added that he had been contacted by a high-ranking leader who told him that Kenei would be killed if he did not record a statement.

File image of late Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei. |Photo| Courtesy|