The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has continued to ensure maximum adherence to the set rules and regulations for motorists in the country.

Officers from the state agency on April 13, 2021, launched a nationwide crackdown on motorists arresting several traffic offenders in the process.

The agency majorly targeted members of the public with the prohibited new-look numbers plates in the process that started yesterday, April 12.

Those found with the plates were arrested, as the officers ripped of the plates and impounded the vehicles.

NTSA officers display samples of the banned new-look number plates. |Photo| Courtesy|

NTSA maintains that the new trend of number plates are not issued by the agency and thus not authorized by the government.

National Disaster Unit Director Duncan Ochieng urged members of the public to adhere to the set transport rules, warning that NTSA in conjunction with the police will not spare offenders.

"The initial issue is given by NTSA. Then somebody goes on and makes his own so that the vehicle can look fancy. That is what we want to avoid because it is illegal. These vehicles have their own number plates," Ochieng stated.

NTSA Officer Wilson Tuigong revealed that Nairobi leads the country in a number of offenders and thus the process first kicked off in there yesterday.

"We started the operation yesterday and we netted about 83 vehicles. We are continuing with the operation," Tuigong stated.