The National Government has imposed a 6 pm to 6 am curfew in some parts of the country.

Rift Valley Regional Commander George Natembeya on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, announced that Baragoi Town and Samburu North will be subjected to the new curfew.

In his address, Natembeya stated that the move will allow security agencies in the region to disarm locals and flash out bandits.

File image Rift Valley Regional Commander George Natembeya. |Photo| Courtesy|

He warned that any person found outside during the curfew hours will have to deal with the police.

He directed police officers and local administration to strictly enforce the curfew orders and crack the whip on offenders.

The region has been on the national headlines over the recent months following the rise of insecurity in the are.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had previously ordered that police officers be deployed to disarm and counter bandits in the region.

The government enhanced security operations in the region after bandits hit a police convoy and killed a GSU officer in Kapedo, Baringo County in January 2021.

Five days later, the bandits killed five innocent civilians and left their bodies for law enforcement to find.

The government has since maintained that disarmament of the locals will be key in stemming the rising insecurity in North Rift Valley.

The dusk to dawn curfew has been used before to tame ethnic disputes in the country.

While serving as Police Commander in Narok South, Natembeya effectively employed the directive to curb inter-clan clashes in the region.