A section of ODM leaders drawn from Migori County have issued area governor Okoth Obado with a seven day-ultimatum to quit the party or face an ouster.

Speaking on Tuesday, the leaders accused Governor Obado of undermining ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga, adding that ODM has and can only have one leader at a time.

“The gospel is very clear, we cannot have two party leaders in one ODM and Obado must move…We have our structure and Constitution of ODM party which allows such a member who is a rebel to leave without even resigning… We’ve started the matter here and we’ll forward it to the headquarters.

“…We’ll initiate his removal, we have a Constitution which says if a member supports an opposing party then his membership is revoked. Within seven days we allow him to voluntarily resign or we shall remove him according to the Constitution of the party,” the officials said in a presser on Tuesday.

The ultimatum comes weeks after Governor Obado openly challenged Raila, noting that the Luo Nyanza region has failed under his leadership.

 “I am ready to take over the leadership of the community from leaders whose job is to blackmail and intimidate their opponents.

"Time has come that we must be allowed to exercise our freedom of speech without fear. We are tired of the burdens we have carried for decades, it is time for liberation of the Luo community," Obado said.