The search for Kenya’s next Chief Justice is currently ongoing with the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) interviewing shortlisted candidates for the lucrative post.

Today, Justice David Marete Njagi had a date with JSC where he was questioned on various issues including his leadership skills, why he thinks he’s best suited for the job and his key priorities should he become Kenya’s next Chief Justice.

During the interview, JSC Commissioner Justice Mohammed Warsame questioned Justice Marete on his mental health status after his documents showed that he has mental issues.

Responding to the question, Justice Marete noted that document on him suffering from mental issues had an error, adding that he is okay mentally, but lives with disability and has other terminal illnesses.

“I have no mental issues. There was an error on my card and I have never had the time to correct the issue. I highlighted I have visual disability and Diabetes - low blood sugar from time to time,” he said.

Pressed on why he did not correct the issue yet the card had been issued in 2015, Justice Marete noted that he did not consider it a big deal.

“I have never had time to have it addressed… I didn’t realize that it was an error, I saw it from day one, I didn’t think it was an issue…” he said in part.

During the interview, it also emerged that the judge has had a problem with police drivers offered by the Judiciary, with most of those assigned to the judge, ditching him.

Responding to this, Justice Marete noted that he prefers civilian drivers as they are flexible and can help with his personal needs.

“I’m not able to deal with police drivers. I prefer to have a civilian driver who can help me with my needs. I've not had a driver supplied to me by the judiciary,” he said