Deputy President William Ruto has explained why he and his family took the Russian Sputnik V vaccine yet the government is administering the AstraZeneca vaccine.

In an interview on Thursday night, DP Ruto noted that he did not receive an invite to the State House event where government officials took the jab.

"When the President decided that it was time for himself and the Cabinet to take the vaccine, I think inadvertently someone forgot to invite me and I was not available for the exercise. I am not blaming anybody maybe someone forgot to inform me," the DP said.

Secondly, the DP noted that he opted for the Sputnik vaccine since the AstraZeneca vaccine imported by the government is limited.

According to the DP, he was in a position to afford the Sputnik V vaccine and decided to have it so that the local mwananchi can access the vaccine being provided by the government for free.

In what appeared to be a swipe at his critics, the DP noted that those attacking him for taking the vaccine never go to public hospitals when they are unwell.

"They say I took the Sputnik vaccine and I paid Ksh 7000.. These friends who are complaining when they fall sick.. they go to Aga Khan," he said in part.

Explaining why he is against the ban on importation of other vaccines like Sputnik V, the DP noted that Kenya's focus should be on increased vaccination, therefore it does not make sense to ban different vaccines from being imported to the country.

"I have heard debates about Sputnik being more expensive than AstraZeneca vaccine…Govt policy is that every Kenyan will be vaccinated free of charge.…The moment we say it is only one vaccine we begin to introduce the cartel mentality," he opined.