Deputy President William Ruto has broken his silence on whether he'll join the UDA party, noting that if Jubilee continues frustrating him and his allies, then he'll consider jumping ship joining UDA.

According to Ruto, Jubilee and UDA are sister parties, therefore they share the same vision.

He, however, expressed optimism that the issues facing Jubilee Party can still be fixed before the next election.

"It becomes necessary as a leader to think. I still hope that something will happen and we can salvage Jubilee…In the event that does not work out, we have to have a plan B. For us we have a sister party, UDA.

"There is a coalition agreement between Jubilee and UDA…it is the next best option. UDA will become an option if Jubilee continues with the expulsion spree going on," DP Ruto said during an interview on Thursday night.

As to whether he'll resign from his position as deputy president, Ruto noted that he has gone through a lot, but is yet to get to the point of resigning.

"I am not yet at the point where I want to resign...There are people who believe they can push me to resign but I want to remind them that I was elected. I am not going to give them the opportunity to celebrate their effort to push me out of gov’t," he said.

Explaining how he's tried to fix the issues facing the party, Ruto noted that his attempts have been met by hostile reception from people running Jubilee.

"I have tried all I could to see if we could work all this out in Jubilee…Unfortunately, those who call the shots are hardly sober. They appear on national TV drunk…That is the level of impunity.

"We have never had a PG meeting…The only meeting that takes place is where members are lectured and expelled…When a party acquires tendencies of fighting with its membership, it is headed in the wrong direction," he said.