Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is in a catch 22 situation after two of his close allies disagreed on the role Parliament should play while debating the BBI bill.

Media reports indicate that Odinga’s personal lawyer Paul Mwangi who served as BBI joint Secretary and Senate Minority Leader Senator James Orengo have contradicting views on the best way forward regarding the Constitutional Amendment push.

Senator Orengo is reportedly pushing for re-opening of the BBI document to allow for amendment by Parliament; a move that has been allegedly opposed by Mwangi.

Reports indicate that Mr. Paul Mwangi is of the view that making amendments to the Bill will make the BBI process “illegal”.

Media reports indicate that the two have been holding separate meetings with the former Prime Minister with each part canvassing for his position to be supported.

Meanwhile, Senator Orengo is on record stating that Parliament will not have a ceremonial role in the passing of the BBI amendment Bill.

According to Orengo, Parliament has to look into the document and make any necessary changes as Constitutional Amendment is a critical process.

“We will not want vanity and child’s play to prevail in such an important process.

“We have had many changes to constitution before and it has always come to parliament for changes, even the constitutional changes of 2010, didn’t it come to parliament? And didn’t we make changes to it? So we have precedence,” Orengo said during a recent interview.