Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua has vowed to push for overturning of a court ruling that could easily lock him out of the presidential polls in 2022.

The governor said the ruling which requires governors seeking to contest for the presidency to resign six months before the elections is discriminatory.

"The recent ruling stating that Governors like myself who would want to bring change in 2022 by vying for the Presidency have to resign 6 months to the election can only be viewed as discriminatory and unconstitutional," Mutua told the press on Monday.

Mutua, who has been going around the country to popularize his bid for the top seat vowed to challenge the ruling in court.

"We are going to court to appeal and changing the laws. We will give clarity to our people. Why target just a governor and nobody else?" queried Mutua.

"As governor Mutua, I am going to run against the deputy president for the presidency. The Deputy President is going to stay in office till the end but me as Mutua I am inconvenienced by being told to get out of office 6 months to the election," lamented Mutua.

He argued that the law does not create an equal playing field for all persons as it will, for instance, give the Deputy President advantage over him.

"If I have to resign, then the Deputy President needs to resign 6 months before, even an MP. Let it be equal, not okay for a few people and to others it is not okay," he appealed.

A number of governors serving in their second term have declared interest in the presidency. Governor Mutua officially launched his campaign in September this year.