Police officers enforcing the curfew along Thika Road on Sunday resorted to a new approach where they lit bonfires next to the roadblocks.

According to the police, the bonfires were meant to keep curfew violators warm as they spend the night on the road.

In a video doing rounds on social media, police at Roasters can be seen erecting a fire and assuring those affected by the roadblock that they’ll only leave after 4:00 am.

The bonfires come a day after the police blocked the major highway causing a public outcry among thousands of Kenyans that were affected including essential service providers.

Meanwhile, the government through the Ministry of Interior has promised to review management in the city to enhance smooth transition into the curfew hours.

The government has also urged Kenyans to plan their journey appropriately so that they are not caught up in similar circumstances in the future.

"Yesterday's traffic snarl-up along Thika Road was occasioned by efforts of our officers to strictly enforce the curfew restrictions and we acknowledge the inconvenience this may have caused the road users. Going forward our traffic management will be reviewed and enhanced to facilitate a smooth transition into curfew hours.

We are also fully alive to the fact that there are construction works on major roads within the metropolis and we urge Wananchi to plan their movements accordingly with a view to beating the curfew hours.

If we all step up voluntary compliance with these measures then we have a chance to reach the globally recommended 5 percent positivity rate and the total reopening of our economy and country shall come sooner than we projected,” the ministry’s statement read in part.