President Uhuru Kenyatta’s rival in the 2013 and 2017 presidential election Mwalimu Mohammed Abduba Dida has raised concern over the easy accessibility of guns in the country after an expose dubbed Guns Galore by Citizen TV on Sunday night.

In a tweet commenting on the expose, Mwalimu Dida noted that with the newly launched firearms plant in Ruiru, the situation could get worse.

According to Dida, if the same trend continues Kenyans will start getting guns from hawkers since production will have increased thanks to the new plant in Ruiru.

“Purity Mwambia carrying that AK47 to the studio like it’s some bread and it is breakfast, whah a sad reality we live in. Meanwhile, machines have started roaring in President Uhuru's arms manufacturing plant in Ruiru. In 2 year's time, we shall be buying guns from hawkers,” Dida tweeted. (Sic).

In the expose, Citizen TV through its Investigative Journalist Purity Mwambia went undercover and showcased how some rogue police officers hire guns and other security apparatus to criminals across the country.

Meanwhile, President Kenyatta recently launched a firearm plant in Ruiru with the capacity of producing 12,000 assault rifles in a year.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, the President said Kenya seeks to enhance her self-reliance in security through local production of equipment and technologies in line with the Big 4 Agenda and Vision 2030.

He pointed out that the arms factory will lower the cost of acquiring weapons for Kenya's security agencies and establish a sustainable national security industrial base that provides jobs for the Kenyan youth.

“This ground breaking initiative will allow us to lay the foundation for addressing the high cost of weapons acquisition, free us from the complex foreign export approval processes currently in place, provide Kenya with greater security sector independence and flexibility, and allow Kenya to design and produce high-quality weapons, customized to our unique needs and operating environments,” President Kenyatta said.