Members of the Law Society of Kenya led by LSK President Nelson Havi were on Monday blocked from accessing parliament buildings.

LSK had threatened to occupy parliament if President Uhuru Kenyatta fails to dissolve parliament as had been directed in a judicial advisory by the Chief Justice David Maraga.

The LSK leadership who marched towards parliament in black suits were stopped by the police manning the entrance. They were informed that only two of them would be let in.

"We have come to check on you. We had written a letter informing you of our plan to come and have tea with our fellow leaders. So we have come, you can welcome us," one of the LSK officials stated.

A senior officer who told the team of 20 had a rough time explaining how a decision to allow only two members had been reached. The lawyers demanded to know whether that had been negotiated or it has been simply ordered by the officers.

It was only Havi, the United Green Movement's Jonathan Mueke who were allowed into the Speaker's boardroom. The two who are leading the 'Occupy Parliament' movement served the speaker with a vacate notice.

According to the two leaders, parliament was no longer exercising its mandate on behalf of Kenyans.