Senior Counsel Fred Ngatia has dismissed claims that if appointed Chief Justice, he will be influenced by President Uhuru Kenyatta since he represented him on the 2013 and 2017 presidential election petitions.

Appearing before the Judicial Service Commission on Tuesday, Ngatia noted that on the contrary, his experience working with President Kenyatta and other state agencies like the National Assembly will be of immense benefit if he’s appointed the next Chief Justice.

According to Ngatia, having worked with such clients, he’s build rapport and created “warmth” that may help end stalemates between the judiciary and such agencies.

“Because of having acted for the National Assembly or having acted for the president, that warmth or that relationship is to bring a speedy resolution and that will be an advantage to the Judiciary in the sense that I will be unlocking that which hasn’t be done particularly say for example, in our budget process,” Ngatia said.

On how he’ll deal with the perception that he is a close associate of the President, Ngatia noted that the public should not judge him basing on clients he’s represented in the past.

“…2013, a great mark of honour, a great mark of trust to be entrusted with the petition. It was a one off. After we finalised our work I never work for the president in any other activity, personal or official. I was never a member of Jubilee party.

“2017 the same thing, it was a one off, as fate will have it…it was nullified…. I would wish to emphasise that I’m here as a candidate for the people of Kenya… If given the honour to serve them I’ll be appearing for the people of Kenya,” he said.