Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga and Law Society of Kenya President  Nelson Havi were on Monday night the subject of debate after they engaged in an ugly Twitter spat over LSK’s flopped plan to occupy Parliament.

LSK had threatened to occupy parliament if President Uhuru Kenyatta fails to dissolve parliament as had been directed in a judicial advisory by the Chief Justice David Maraga.

The LSK leadership who marched towards parliament in black suits were stopped by the police manning the entrance. They were informed that only two of them would be let in.

"We have come to check on you. We had written a letter informing you of our plan to come and have tea with our fellow leaders. So we have come, you can welcome us," one of the LSK officials stated.

While many expected the leaders to be tough on the Parliament speakers, Havi and his team were pictured having tea within Parliament causing speculation among their supporters.

Gladys Wanga vs Nelson Havi

Reacting to Havi’s photo having tea in Parliament, Wanga accused him of being a tanga tanga operative.

#OccupyParliament by tanga tanga led by @NelsonHavi ! Let me laugh..teeth are bones,” she tweeted.

Reacting to the accusation, Havi revisited a case where she defended Gladys Wanga, adding that she is a ‘Useless woman’.

“I have a file on Gladys Wanga when President Uhuru Kenyatta wanted her jailed in 2017 for insulting him with unprintable words. If an elected MP can insult the President, what more can she not do? I spent a lot of time and money defending her pro bono. Let her be. Useless Woman!” he tweeted.

Responding to Havi, Wanga termed the LSK boss an attention seeker.

“LSK made a grave mistake electing an attention seeker on tanga payroll for 'president'. Let's have less talk/hot air and more action - how did the much touted occupy parliament/block MPs end up in a tea and mandazi feast in the very bunge? Bure kabisaa,,” she tweeted.