DCI George Kinoti has lauded a Citizen TV expose dubbed Guns Galore by Investigative Journalist Purity Mwambia that showed the rot in the force.

He noted that investigative journalists and the DCI should collaborate on such exposes in order to protect members of the fourth estate and apprehend the culprits.

"I was never approached to collaborate in this kind of operation, this was a fantastic job. My only concern is what if something could have happened to those journalists? If it could have turned tragic," Kinoti said.

He also castigated the expose as a report meant to paint the police in a bad light and bring discord between the force and members of the public.

"The report seemed to be a malicious attempt to discredit the National Police Service; we can only conclude that it was aimed at creating public pandemonium over the management of the security sector," the DCI said.

"AK47 is a prohibited firearm & should not be with civilians. Kenyans should help us ensure these firearms are completely eliminated from the wrong hands. Those who had possession of these firearms are the ones who know where they came from," he added.

He urged journalists to collaborate with the DCI as he admitted that the handcuffs could have belonged to a police station.

"The firearm of handcuffs could have come from us but you could have given us an opportunity to investigate to find out which station, security agency they came from & if we collaborated together, it would have been a well-done job," he said.

The Ballistic Expert Mwongera said that after examination they established that the firearm shown on Guns Galore was from China and has no serial number.

"Parts of the firearm having different numbers means they came from different firearms. This AK47 (shown on Guns Galore) does not belong to the government or police," Mr. Mwongera said.

"The other firearm (referred to as brown on Guns Galore) is from the criminal world, it is not a powerful pistol and is not from the forces. We also found the ammunition shown, used in handguns and some machine guns, and can be recovered from the criminal world.