Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has dismissed claims of bad blood between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking on Wednesday, Moses Kuria maintained that he is in talking terms with President Kenyatta and even proceeded to call his (Uhuru’s) cell in order to confirm the same.

However, the President’s phone went unanswered, with Kuria noting that it is highly likely that the Head of State was held up in some official function.

“He must be attending to State business in Congo,” Kuria said after the call went unanswered.

Before making the call, Kuria had addressed several issues including the future of the Jubilee party, the Covid-19 pandemic, BBI among others.

On the issue of the BBI, Kuria maintained that not all amendments need to be subjected to a referendum.

"There are good things about the BBI but most of the reforms do not require a referendum. But the owners of the BBI are trying to perpetuate power. That's the main agenda of the BBI,” Kuria divulged.

Addressing the achievements of the Jubilee administration, Kuria said President Kenyatta’s administration has failed in its second term, giving it an approval rating of 3.

"I would give the government (2107-now) a rating of 2-3/10. This is because in my opinion, Jubilee Party lost focus,” Kuria said.

Regarding the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic by the government, Moses Kuria divulged that more ought to be done in order to flatten the curve.

 “Kuna watu wameform cartel. Ukiwaambia Covid itaisha wanakasirika! How Kenya is dealing with the pandemic has created business for some few big people,” he said.