Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali at a past event. [Courtesy] 

Vocal Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali has hit out at COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli and Jubilee vice Chairman David Murathe stating that they are old, should quit politics and go home.

Speaking during an interview with The Hot Seat, Mohammed Ali accused  Murathe and Atwoli of insulting other leaders, stating that the same needs to stop.

“…Atwoli, Murathe these old veterans they should go home and relax, or they should sit there and advice young people like us and tell us do this way…But they should not be abusing people every day, threatening people that so and so will not be on the ballot, are you God?... I think these men are old (Mimi naona hii siasa ya hawa wazee, wamzeeka sana) they should leave it to us,” he said.

The Nyali MP is an ally of Deputy President William Ruto while Murathe and Atwoli are allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Mohammed Ali’s 2022 Decision

Addressing whether he will vie in 2022 and who he’ll support in the next General Election, Mohammed Ali noted that only time will tell.

“I am a Muslim, we normally say God willing, if we reach there, then we will do this or that. I’m still in Nyali God willing 2022 I will still be there,” he said.

As to whether he has an interest in contesting the Mombasa Governorship in 2022, the vocal MP said he is still learning a lot in leadership, adding that there are brilliant minds who are better placed to head the county as compared to him.

“I believe there are many candidates better than Mohammed Ali let us give them that space. I believe there are brilliant minds who deserve the seat…” he said.