A suspect in the murder of the Star newspaper journalist Erick Oloo who was based in Siaya County has been jailed for 35 years.

In a ruling delivered on Thursday, Siaya High Court Judge Oseline Aburili found Victor Ogola Luta of being guilty of Oloo’s murder that occurred on November 14, 2019.

While delivering her ruling, Lady Justice Aburili noted that the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt, hence the decision to sentence the accused.

During the case, the accused has appealed for leniency arguing that he has a young family which he needs to provide for.

However, while delivering the ruling, Justice Aburili noted that freedom to life is a universal right and no one is entitled to taking the life of the other regardless of the circumstances involved.

Lady Justice Aburili further noted that this was not the first time the accused was being charged in court, as he had been previously charged with causing public disturbance. In view of the above, the judge concluded that Ogola was a habitual offender.

The suspect has a right to appeal the ruling within the next 14 days.

Meanwhile, his brother Franklin Luta who was also arrested in connection with the murder has been released due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Oloo was murdered in November 2019 . His body was found at the house of former Chief Inspector of Police Sabina Kerubo in Ugunja town.

The two were reportedly living as husband and wife.