A Tribunal Court has issued temporary orders staying the decision to remove Senator Cleophas Malala until a case filed against the ODM party is heard and determined.

On Friday the court re-instated Malala as the Senate Deputy Minority Leader after ODM senators voted to oust him.

Senator Malala was ejected from the post over claims of being disrespectful to the coalition that sponsored him. He was replaced by Kilifi Senator Stewart Madzayo.

Trouble began for Senator Malala when he openly opposed the government’s proposal in regards to the division of revenue formula.

He was among a group of Senators dubbed ‘Team Kenya’ that vehemently rejected the formula, and was at one point arrested alongside two other senators when the Senate was to take a crucial vote on the Division of Revenue Bill.

However, it is believed that this new ouster plot was fueled by the role he played in the Matungu by-election that saw ANC party defeat ODM.

Malala was ANC’s point man in the ground and rallied residents to support Peter Nabulindo despite ODM putting up a spirited fight.

All eyes are now on the Senate with Kenyans waiting to see how the ouster plot will play out considering that parties under the NASA coalition are not on very good terms.