Kenya has asked her citizens in India to contact and furnish the High Commission and furnish personal information to help it update its register.

This comes as India faces a surge in Covid-19 with 16.6 million cases and 190,000 deaths recorded in the country.

In a statement, the High Commission asked Kenyans in India to provide their names as they appear in the passport, their passport numbers, contacts, physical address, and their location in India.

Additionally, Kenyans were directed to state their purpose of visit for accountability and decision-making processes.

The commission also advised Kenyans in India to form WhatsApp groups to facilitate ease of communication should need to arise.

India reported 346,786 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday setting a world record for infections during the coronavirus pandemic.

The surging Covid-19 infections are devastating India's hospitals with intensive care unit beds, medicine, oxygen, and ventilators being in short supply.

India banned exports on March 25, 2021, to force the country's vaccine manufacturer the Serum Institute of India to provide vaccines to the Asian country.

This resulted in a delay in global shipments of up to 90 million doses including Kenya's 2.5 million doses.