On Friday, April 19, 2021, four friends; Jack Anyango, Elijah Obuong, Benjamin Imbai and Brian Oduor drove into a popular club in Kitengela at around 1 pm to have lunch. 

They had Nyama Choma, a few drinks, and have never been heard from again.

Their car, a Toyota Mark X was found abandoned in a parking lot 500 metres from the club the following day.

Their families have been to hospitals, morgues, and police stations in search of their loved ones.

Catherine Atieno, Oduor's wife, said he left their Embakasi home at around 8 am, to pick up his friends for a business meeting and promised he will be back.

"We spoke around 1 pm and he promised to be back on time for my hospital appointment. By 3 pm his phone was off. His friends were also out of reach. I knew something was wrong," Atieno recalled.

She said Oduor- a businessman dealing in car hire and spare parts, had no known enemies.

Monica Wanjiru, Anyango's wife, said that he left their Donholm Phase 8 home at around 7 is for a meeting with Oduor.

The father of one worked in the tourism industry before the Covid-19 pandemic forced him to close shop. His woes deepened when his car was auctioned by a bank.

"He was struggling financially but he was a hardworking honest man who always gave us the first priority. Before he disappeared he sent me Ksh100 and promised to call later. I noticed his phone was off at around 4 pm," Wanjiru said.

She said that a man called her and informed her that the four had been killed.

Elvis Imbai, Imbai's younger brother said he lost contact with him on Monday Afternoon. He had promised to send him some money to repair one of his business vehicles.

"Someone posted on Facebook that a car belonging to one of my brother's friends had been parked at a club in Kitengela on April 20. When we got there, we found three jackets on the back seat," Elvis said.

The Kitengela Police Station Occurrence Book stated that the car was towed into the station at around midnight, though Elvis says he informed the police at around 3pm.

Obuong's mother, Caroline Obuong, was full of worry. She said her son had no criminal record.

"He's my firstborn, who's been trying several businesses to make a living. I want my son either alive or dead. My whole family is spending sleepless nights. Although he was jobless, the family was supporting him financially," Caroline stated.

Police are probing a person identified as "Erico" on social media, who alleged that the four had been killed.

"Our only lead is the person on social media who claims the friends were killed. We also believe he is the same person who directed the family members to where the car was abandoned," the detective said.

The club's management, distanced themselves from the matter, though, it is yet to be clear if the police have reviewed CCTV footage from the club.

One of the guards from a nearby premise said there was no commotion on the day the four disappeared.

Daily Nation on April 26, reported that there are allegations, one of them has a criminal record and is the ring leader of a notorious gang. He has allegedly spent time at Shimo La Tewa Prison.

Reports indicate that last year, three of his friends disappeared in a similar manner. Their car was found abandoned at Parklands Nairobi and they have never been found.

Isinya Sub-County Head of Criminal Investigations Jeremiah Ndubai said that the disappearance of the four was reported in multiple stations but will be handled by Kitengela detectives.

"Investigations have been launched and we are following some leads," Ndubai said.