The government through the Kenya Meteorological Department has warned of possible flashfloods along the Kenya-Ethiopia border.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the weatherman urged those living in Marsabit, Mandera and Wajir areas to be vigilant as there could be flashfloods in the region from today to Sunday.

According to the met department, the flashfloods are as a result of the expected heavy rainfall of more than 50mm/24 hours over the Ethiopian highlands that may cause outflow to the neighboring catchments in the three counties.

“Residents in all the mentioned areas are alerted to be on the lookout for potential flash-floods that may occur in places where heavy rainfall has not been received and especially in areas which are known to be water paths from the neighboring,” the met department tweeted.

Flash floods mostly occur in low-lying areas that have had a deprivation in rainfall. It is worth noting that the three North Eastern counties rarely get sufficient rainfall.

In the past few months, residents of Mandera county were hit by drought which forcing some to migrate in search of food and pasture.

With the advisory, residents living in high risk areas are expected to move base in order to avoid any tragedies should the flash floods occur.