Two Kilimani residents were nabbed with fake notes worth Ksh750 million during a raid by the police on the night of April 27, 2021.

The two,  Samuel Maina and Boniface Mungai, were in possession of the fake money in Kenyan Shilling, US Dollar and Euro currencies.

The fame money was kept in metal boxes amounting to $6.2 million, 490,000 Euros and Ksh6.4 million.

Fake notes nabbed during a past police raid in Westlands, Nairobi. |Photo| Courtesy|

During the raid, police officers confiscated fake badges bearing the names and insignia of UN, Della Rue, and the National Treasury.

Officers also recovered several safes, two bottles and a jerrycan containing an unknown liquid and assorted documents.

Other items found at the residence included  customs reflector jackets, stickers and stamps for various offices as well as their seals.

Police stated that the duo might have been targeting to con individuals or financial institutions, were it not for the arrest.

The police stated that they have launched investigations into the operations of the two, and destroy their network.

Nairobi police boss Augustine Nthumbi warned members of the public against participating or facilitating such activities. He noted that they bear heavy legal repercussions.

Kilimani estate is one that has been associated with dirty money, parties and deaths which have shocked the nation.