Controversial City lawyer Cliff Ombeta has joined the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party which has close links to Deputy President Wiliam Ruto.

Over the past weeks, there has been speculation that something was cooking between Ombeta and the DP, but none of the parties revealed any details.

However, in a tweet on Wednesday, Ombeta confirmed that he had joined UDA and even shared his registration confirmation message.

“I am a registered member of United Democratic Alliance,” his message read in part.

Following the revelation, Ombeta has officially joined the Kenyan political scene. Reports indicate that the flamboyant lawyer may contest for a political seat come the 2022 general election.

Meanwhile, Ombeta has been working closely with allies of the DP especially those from Gusii region where he hails from.

Media reports indicate that Ombeta is among leaders who’ve pitched camp in Bonchari campaigning for UDA candidate Teresa Bitutu Oyioka in the upcoming by-election.

Mrs. Oyioka is the widow of former Bonchari MP John Oyioka who died in February after battle with illness.

Lawyer Ombeta is one of top legal minds in Kenya. He has appeared in several high-profile criminal cases in the country which include; DJ Evolve attempted murder case against Babu Owino, the Akasha brothers drugs case and Sharon Otieno murder case where Migori Governor Okoth Obado is among the accused, Jacque Maribe and Joe ‘Jowie’ Irungu murder case, Cyprian Nyakundi’s extortion case among others.