A Parliamentary Committee headed by Mvita MP Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir asked the press to temporarily leave the hearing on the Kemsa probe.

The Public investment committee asked the media to leave the hearing after a request by Wilbroad Gachoka, a director at Kilig LTD which is involved in the Kemsa PPE procurement scandal.

Gachoka evaded explaining why they transferred their shares from Kilig to lawyer Collins Bush Wanjala who also later handed them over to Ivy Minyow Onyango.

"Chairman there are some things I would be happy to say without the press here... I would prefer to do it outside the press, these are not things I would take lightly," Gachoka said.

MP Nassir asked the press to leave and he would make a ruling on whether the information is sensitive enough to not be known by members of the fourth estate.

Kilig company won a contract with Kemsa worth Sh4 billion but their directors cannot recall details of bank accounts and signatories.

Gachoka was unable to mention who he negotiated with to transfer ownership of the company after he received a commitment letter from KEMSA worth Ksh4 billion.

Earlier Jubilee Party vice-chair David Murathe was before the Public Investments Committee to answer questions of his involvement in the Sh4 billion Kemsa tender.

He denied any involvement and told the Committee that his relatives have been calling asking for handouts since he was named part of the people allegedly involved in the scandal.