The search for the friends who went missing in Kitengela is far from over after the family of Jack Ochieng' disowned a body that was found in Murang'a County on Thursday, April 29, and believed to be him.

Jack's brother Cliff Ochieng' told a local daily on April 30, that the body was not his brother.

"We came to Murang'a to identify him but the body that we saw is not my brother's. The body is still fresh and I can say for a fact that he is not my brother.

"His ear is not the same, his teeth, hairstyle are different and the clothes he was wearing are not his. My brother used to get a pedicure but the unidentified man had long nails," Ochieng was quoted as saying.

He described his missing brother as a warm and welcoming person who appealed to many. Cliff stated that he or his family had never heard of any criminal activities he might have been involved in.

"I have never met any of the other friends that are said to have been in his company when he disappeared," Cliff stated.

He noted that his brother had been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic immensely as his business closed. He was in the travel and tours industry.

"When he stopped working, he engaged in a number of businesses including car hires where he was well connected. He would take vehicles from firms and hire them out especially because he had a wide network," Cliff added.