A section of ODM leaders drawn from Siaya county was on Friday whisked to safety after goons invaded an event they were attending in the area.

The leaders led by Siaya Senator James Orengo and Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo were attending an afternoon even after overseeing the inauguration ceremony of Risper Akoth; an assistant chief in the area.

Everything was okay until a section of the residents started complaining that a parliamentary aspirant had been sidelined from the list of persons addressing the gathering.

The residents disrupted Senator Orengo’s speech, forcing the parliamentary aspirant identified as Ochogo to take to the podium.

At the podium, he was allegedly denied the opportunity to speak, resulting in more commotion.

"The locals were demanding that I had to address them before the senator spoke so I went to the podium thinking that following the demands, the senator would allow me to address the locals after the area MP ignored me.

“I didn't even take a minute at the podium, the next thing I heard was a gunshot from behind, and everyone started to run for safety in all directions. We didn't know what was happening. I ran to my car as others ran for safety wondering who made the shot,” Ochogo told a local daily.

On his part, Otiende Amollo accused the local aspirants of hiring goons to disrupt the function.

"When everything erupted we were forced to flee for safety as the goons were stoning the chopper…He tried to cause chaos, we dint want to be part of it, we went to the chopper and left,” he said.