President Uhuru Kenyatta has lifted the ban on the cessation of movement in zoned areas.

The curfew has also been moved to 10pm-4 am. During his Labour Day Celebration speech the Head of State further announced that places of worship have been reopened.

However, Uhuru said congregational worship can resume countywide but the capacity will be limited to a third.

Uhuru announced that restaurants can go back to operations following Ministry of Health guidelines.

"We as citizens must exercise continuous civic responsibly. We must not overwhelm our health system by acting irresponsibly and rising the rate of admissions into our hospitals unnecessarily," he said while addressing the country.

The Head of State noted that Covid-19 caseload has decreased by 72% within the 5-county zone.

President Kenyatta warned that political gatherings are still banned as he revised the Covid-19 containment measures.