President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday warned Kenyans that a surge in Covid-19 cases would necessitate an escalation of the containment measures.

Addressing Kenyans during the labour day celebrations,  Kenyatta urged Kenyans to partner and work together to maintain the lives of people and the economy. 

The President warned that if Kenyans failed to play their individual roles, they would have no choice but escalate the containment measures to protect life. 

 "Finally, as we prepare for the re-opening of schools, let me emphasize again that our staying power in the fight against this pandemic is our greatest arsenal.

"I say so, because, if public responsiveness to the health protocols goes up, then the possibility of further de-escalating the containment measures is within reach. Sadly, a surge of infections will necessitate an escalation of the containment measures, a possibility we all dread.

"Let all step up together for our motherland; step up for our families; step up for our neighbours; step up for our beloved Nation Kenya," part of Kenyatta statement read.