Siaya Senator James Orengo has dismissed claims that he’s changed his stand on the BBI Bill amid growing tension in the ODM party.

Last week, Senator Orengo, his Nyamira counterpart Okong’o Omogeni and Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo signed a report by the Joint Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) indicating that the BBI Bill had some unconstitutional provisions.

According to Orengo and the team, the BBI provision on creation of 70 new constituencies needs to be re-looked.

Orengo argued that the constituencies are not distributed in accordance to the law. The Minority Leader in the Senate also noted that Parliament will not be used as a conveyor belt, adding that members must discuss and amend the BBI Bill accordingly.

However, over the weekend, Orengo appeared to have changed tune on the Bill noting that he expects the National Assembly and Senate to pass it later this week.

“The BBI bill be passed by the Senate and the National Assembly next week, then a referendum in July or August, I hope you will all vote in support when the time comes,” he said on Saturday during the burial of Keziah Obama; step mother to former US President Barrack Obama.

Following Orengo’s statement, a local media house reported that he had changed his tune, but the senator was quick to dismiss the same, noting that he stands with his earlier remarks on the BBI Bill.

“Sijabadilisha msimamo. Sijakua mnafiki au mwoga kwa siasa zangu. Wacha story zenu,” Orengo tweeted in response to a story aired by a local news outlet.

Meanwhile, tension is high in ODM as members are divided over passing of the BBI Bill by the two houses.

Some members led by Orengo believe that Parliament should be allowed to amend the document while others hold the view that the Bill should be passed as it is.

All eyes are now or Parliament and Senate as they’ll be debating and voting on the BBI Bill in the next few days.