Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui had been ordered by the court to compensate a pedestrian Ksh1 million after sustaining injuries from a road accident.

Charles Mugi, was allegedly hit by a vehicle owned by the Nakuru governor on December 7, 2010 along the Nairobi Nakuru highway.

Mugi suffered fractures on his right leg and sued the governor, seeking compensation to foot medical expenses.

High Court Judge Justice Hilary Chemitei ruled that a Ksh1 million compensation was enough to cover the grevances.

"Taking all the factors into consideration as well as the element of inflation, I find that an award of Ksh1 million would have been appropriate in the circumstances.

"This should be able to cover at least part of the future medical treatment," Justice Chemitei stated.

Mugi had initially been awarded Ksh1.5 million in general damages and another Ksh28,250 as special damages in 2019.

Governor Kinyanjui challenged the ruling, arguing that the damages were minor, and the compensation should not have exceeded Ksh700,000.

Mugi welcomed the ruling by Chemitei, acknowledging it was reflective of the expenses he had incurred over the years.

"The court has perused the injuries sustained by the respondent. It is not disputed that he sustained a fracture to his femur. The two medical reports by Dr. Kiamba and Dr. Malik are in agreement on the nature and the extent of the injuries.

"Obviously the respondent went through a very painful healing process. It appears that at some point the wound had sepsis and fresh treatment had to be undertaken," court papers noted.