Citizen TV on Monday issued an apology to popular Nairobi DJ VDJ Jones after using his image during the 7 pm bulletin while covering a story regarding the murder of his close friend DJ Mike Kay.

In the 7 pm bulletin, Citizen TV used VDJ jones’ photo in the murder story instead of DJ Kay’s photo. As such, the media house appeared to suggest that VDJ was the one who’d been murdered and his body dumped in Murang’a.

The story elicited outrage with netizens hitting out at Citizen TV for using the wrong photo.

Reacting to the story, VDJ Jones threatened to pursue legal action against Citizen TV and the reporter who compiled the news item.

The late DJ Mike Kay and DJ VDJ Jones. [Photo: Courtesy]

“I wish to disassociate myself from this report by Citizen TV Nipashe News. I am alive and kicking. I will press charges against Citizen TV and the reporter Gatete Njoroge,” Jones stated.

Following the outrage, Citizen TV issued an apology during its 9 pm bulletin and aired a new version of the story with the correct photos.

According to Citizen, the image ‘inadvertently’ and was in no way meant to injure the reputation of the DJ.

“This is why we're starting this story with an apology because during our earlier broadcast at 7 pm we inadvertently used the wrong pictures of VDJ Jones while making reference to DJ Mike Kay.

“We have reached out to VDJ Jones and apologized as well,” Trevor Ombija said.