Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has mocked his Rarieda counterpart Otiende Amollo, claiming that the latter is to blame for his removal from the National Assembly's Justice and Legal Affairs Committee.

On Tuesday, the party noted that it has recommended Otiende’s removal from the committee, adding that he is set to be replaced by TJ Kajwang of Ruaraka.

The move to eject Otiende is believed to have resulted from his calls to amend BBI, despite the party urging members to pass the Bill as it is.

Reacting to Otiende’s ouster, Moses Kuria noted that politics is quite different from the law, and urged Otiende to learn from his seniors.

“To my fellow congerant at St Austin’s Catholic @OAmollo. This was 15th July 2020, 9 months ago. Next time I call you, come with a pen and a notebook. This is politics not law. Otherwise you will cry all the way to Kit Mikaye,” he tweeted.

Kuria revisited a Facebook post he made in July 2020, noting that Otiende and a section of other ODM leaders had been placed on the committee to deliver the BBI referendum, adding that failure to do would have consequences.

“Do not forget why Baba has appointed you to this vital committee- deliver Babi, deliver a Baba friendly Chief Justice, deliver a Baba compliant IEBC and a Baba nominee for Registrar of Political Parties. Stick to your terms of reference and key performance indicators,” he posted.