Members of the public who lost their items to snatchers and muggers on the streets of Nairobi have been invited to collect their items from the police.

This is after Kenyans raised numerous complaints on Twitter in an engagement with the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai earlier this week prompting action by the police.

Nairobi Regional Commander of Police Rashid Yakub ordered officers to swing into action in a bid to tame the vice that is nearly a thug-life culture in the city.

Mr Yakub then ordered for an operation that has seen the officers tracing and recovery of sophisticated camera gear, 169 phones and more than 25 laptops since Monday.

"Those who have lost phones, laptops and cameras in the recent paste are requested to go to the Nairobi Regional Police Headquaters-opposite Integrity House and identify their property. Proof of ownership will be required before gadget is released," the police announced on Wednesday morning.

#EngageTheIG is a weekly segment where Kenyans get an opportunity to seek clarification from the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai through social media.

This week, a number of Kenyans camped on the IG's Twitter handle raising concerns over what has been observed to be the selective application of enforcing the law on public gatherings.

In defence of the servicemen under his command, the IG said there were political groups that had not recorded any violence while others were affected.

He said officers will cancel any gatherings whenever police intelligence reports find public safety risks.

"Should we establish any possible risk, then authorization is declined for the safety of the public and properties around the said area. There are groups that have not attracted any form of violence while others have attracted violence, hence the varied authorizations," he stated.