An autopsy report on the body of Benjamin Imbai, one of the missing Kitengela friends, has revealed that he struggled before his death.

Imbai's body was found in Kieni forest and taken to General Kago mogue on April 20, 2021.

The autopsy report revealed that Imbai died of strangulation and suffocation. It also stated that the deceased appears to have wrestled with his killer/s.

According to the report, the bruising on his hands and bleeding in both eyes was an indicator of struggle.

"On respiratory system, there is muscle and oesophagus bruising while on the cardiovascular system, there are contusions of the major neck blood vessels due to strangulation," the report read in part.

From the marks on his hands and neck, the report observed that he was handcuffed before a rope was used to hold him down and strangle him.

The autopsy also observed that Imbai had injuries to the middle of the throat (oropharynx) and at the back of the tongue, indicating that he might have been hit around the mouth.

Imbai's body was retrieved while wearing a rouser only. He had no shoes or shirt on.

Police at the time stated that he had deep cuts in his hands, showing he might have been handcuffed before he was killed.

An autopsy report on the body of Elijah Obuong conducted at the Murang'a County Referral Hospital revealed that he also died of strangulation.