Residents of Mwamdudu in Bonje, Kilifi County have alleged foul play after their houses were demolished on the night of May 7, 2021.

Reports indicate that the demolitions begun at around 1 am in the morning.

The residents stated that they had not been issued with notices of the demolition, also raising concerns that mothers and children were forced to spend the night in the cold.

"Mothers spend the night outside, exposed to the cold. Excavators started coming in at around 1 am and demolished houses without notice. 

"I am asking whether the directives issued by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Covid-19 on curfew hours. But people are walking at night, they move around with some boys who rob us," one of the residents stated.

"Now that the houses have been demolished, where do we take those whose houses have been brought down?" She posed.

Over 200 houses were demolished in the early morning exercise.

Reports indicate that the demolitions are meant to create space for a county project.