The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives have arrested Peter Mwangi Njenga alias Ole Sankale, the main suspect in the murder Acting communication director of the National Land Commission Jennifer Wambua. 

According to detectives, they managed to place the suspect Mr Njenga at the scene of the crime. 

"Peter Mwangi Njenga alias Ole Sankale, has been identified as the main suspect, among others at large in the heinous murder. The detectives through criminal intelligence first forensically placed the suspect at the scene of crime.

"They managed to establish eyewitnesses who saw the suspect with the deceased the last time she was seen alive on March 12th, 2021, at the scene and thorough repeat combing of the scene they stealthily managed to pick crucial exhibits," part of the statement by DCI read. 

Detectives further established that the suspect was in their criminal data system and had committed similar offences.

Despite committing similar crimes in the past, detectives were baffled by how the suspect won his freedom. 

"Our criminal data system was mined and indeed confirmed the suspect had committed similar offences. using the same modus operandi of committing robbery and thereafter repeatedly, sexually abusing the victims by raping and killing them. Both the Principal criminal registrar records and Prisons where the suspect served jail concurred. 

"The search was intensified and through the previous finalized criminal files, detectives were able to establish similar crimes committed in replica signature style and manner of subjection to torture and rape.

"Detectives found several other reported cases of the same nature committed by the same suspect and in particular within the same vicinity where he committed the crime. The suspect was found to have had several previous criminal records.

"For instance, in 1996, he was charged with stealing and was further charged three times with the offences of robbery with violence and rape. In January 15th 2003, he was convicted and sentenced to death at Kibera Senior Resident’s Magistrate Court. How he won his freedom remains a mystery, which the detectives are currently engaged in demystifying," the statement adds. 

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