Former Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi  Kiunjuri has announced that he is ready to support Deputy President William Ruto’s  2020 presidential bid but on one condition.

Speaking at a funeral in Laikipia on Wednesday, Kiunjuri noted that the DP will earn his full support only after he has demonstrated how the people of Mt Kenya region will benefit from his presidency.

“Dr Ruto must demonstrate how we stand to gain as people of Mt Kenya in his administration,” he opined.

On the future of his The Service Party (TSP), Kiunjuri appeared to indicate that no matter the route he takes in 2022, he will not fold the party since he may use it as a backup plan should things not go as expected.

“I assure the Deputy President of my support in the forthcoming General Election but as you know, one must carry his or her own umbrella whenever it rains. That is why I have TSP,” he said as quoted by Nation.

Kiunjuri’s take on Kikuyu elders visiting Raila in Bondo

Addressing former Prime Minister Raila odinga’s recent meeting with Kikuyu elders in Bondo, Kiunjuri castigated the elders noting that a girl should not pay her own dowry.

“We recently saw some women and elders going to the extent of paying dowry on behalf of the Kikuyu community. How can a lady pay for her own bride price at the bridegroom’s home and then demands to be forcefully married?” he posed.