Chief Justice nominee Lady Justice Martha Koome on Thursday appeared before the National Assembly’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee for vetting, following her nomination for CJ by the JSC a few weeks ago.

During the vetting exercise, the legislators questioned Justice Koome on several issues including her vision, leadership, past rulings, judicial philosophy and how she’ll maintain a good work relationship with the other arms of government.

While going through her past cases, rulings and work experience, some committee members claimed that there is a perception that she is a feminist and often rules against men. She was put to task to explain whether she hates men.

“There’s talk and rumour that you are a feminist and you hate men, please clarify,” Suna East MP Junet Mohammed posed.

In her response, Justice Koome dismissed the claims noting that she is an ardent believer of family, adding that all her rulings are based on the Constitution and relevant statutes.

She further noted that she has no bias against men, adding that when she rules on a case, she does not look at the gender of the parties involved, but the facts of the case and what the law says in regards to the same.

In a bid to prove to the committee that she does not hate men, Justice Koome divulged that she has been happily married for the past 35 years.

“I do not hate men as a matter of fact I have been married for the last 35 years. I got married when I was very young. I went to the University of Nairobi when I was already married so I know how difficult it is to balance family and education.

“I am so proud that I graduated with a daughter and a husband who has remained my dear partner. I support families, all my life I have worked for families,” she said.