Renowned Kenyan legal scholar Professor Makau Mutua and blogger Dennis Itumbi have set social media ablaze after they engaged in an exchange over the recently concluded Juja by-election.

The exchange started after Prof Makau Mutua weighed in on the Juja by-election where Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria’s candidate outshined Jubilee party’s candidate.

“Gatundu South MP @HonMoses_Kuria gives Uhuru Kenyatta a shellacking in his Juja backyard. Could this be a sign that Mr Kenyatta has lost Mt Kenya and won’t be a factor in 2022?” he tweeted.

Reacting to the tweet, Itumbi said “He has only been a Factor in your Column, Tweets, and Imagination. We told you the truth you are discovering now a long time ago.”

Itumbi’s response did not sit well with the Prof who urged him to get married and settle down.

“Kijana — wamusyi — I told you to find a partner and get married. Settle down uwache kupayuka!” Prof Mutua responded.

Mutua’s response appeared to have silenced Itumbi who inquired whether the prof’s luxurious resort in Kitui was still operational, adding that he could use it once he gets his significant other.

“Agreed. Is your Kitui pub, that was opened by Tinga still operating? I may get my blossoming flower to water with the oxiginated blood of my heart there.....weka Pin,” Itumbi responded.

Reacting to the tweet, the Prof welcomed Itumbi to his resort, adding that their political differences should not be interpreted to mean that they are enemies.

“Wakwitu, not only is @VillaKitui in full bloom, it’s a “bottom up” venture built with clean money. We are expanding. I will personally welcome you there, and even buy you a cold one. We are political opponents, not enemies.”