Raila Odinga Junior has called on the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) to take action against a reckless driver who dangled out of a driver's seat on a moving vehicle.

He shared a video of the driver hanging out of the vehicle in one of the most daring gigs by a driver on the Kenyan roads.

In the video, the driver who was arraigned at a Naivasha in court on Friday got out of his driver-seat and hanged out of the speeding vehicle facing the opposite direction.

"Thank you NTSA_Kenya on tracking down this reckless driver who endangered his and other road users lives by engaging in reckless “tricks” and had gone into hiding. Kazi kwenyu sasa," Raila Junior wrote on Twitter.

NTSA announced they had arrested the driver after he surrendered to their offices following public outcry over the video.

"The driver of this vehicle was arrested after presenting himself to NTSA Head Office where had been summoned. The suspect was arraigned at a Naivasha court today," NTSA stated in a statement.