A Nairobi man, who blocked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s motorcade at Lucky Summer area on Wednesday, has spoken out, stating that he had no ill intentions.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Kepha Nyambane noted that the tough life he’s been living forced him to block the motorcade in order to get the President’s attention.

 “Ukiona nimesimama mbele ya msafara ya rais nimefika mwisho. Mimi sikuwa na nia mbaya, nlikuwa naomba niongee na yeye,” he said.

Explaining what went through his mind when he saw officers rushing toward him, Nyambane noted that he was so scared, but got relieved when the president ordered his officers to let him go.

According to Nyambane, the President promised to reach out to him after the incident.

“Nilipoona wameshuka, wengine wanakuja nkahofia, lakini kabla wanifikie, aliwaambia (Uhuru) wachana na huyu kijana na akaniambia kijana tutaongea,” Nyambane said.

The Wednesday incident elicited massive reactions with some netizens claiming that it was a threat to the president.

However, in a statement, the office of the Government Spokesperson dismissed the claims noting that the man was excited to see the president’s motorcade, thus his action.

“On 26 May 2021, an individual stepped in front of the Presidential motorcade during the President's tour at Lucky Summer, Nairobi County.

“The individual is a citizen who was only excited to see the motorcade His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta. We wish to alay any fears that the President's security was under threat,” he said in a statement on his Twitter handle.

The Lucky Summer incident was the second in under one week when the President’s security was put to task by persons who attempted to access the Head of State.

Last week, an unknown man made his way towards the President as he issued his address during the official unveiling of the Lamu port.