Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe has challenged parents to exercise caution in their public engagements, warning that school children risk being infected with the coronavirus.

CS Kagwe on Sunday stated that the safety of all children is primarily dependent on how parents behave. He noted that most of the parents in the country were disregarding safety recommendations by the health experts.

"The first line of defence has to be the behaviour of the parent. You need to observe the measures that you know can protect your child," stated CS Kagwe.

There were 685 new infections reported on Sunday. According to CS, not every school had sufficient water and masks to protect learners.

The CS was quick to note that the government cannot help in every aspect of ensuring school kids were safe, asking parents to ensure learners have proper face masks.

"If you have been able to buy a uniform, a mask is so cheap. These things are being made by tailors in the counties. You cannot excuse yourself for a child not having a mask," stated Kagwe.

Political gatherings 

The ministry has taken issue with political leaders and the church over continued public gatherings opening doors for more infections.

Kagwe also put bar owners and operators on the spot saying there was little or no social distancing measure being implemented.

"Public gatherings including burials, weddings and even political rallies seem to have resumed with total disregard to advise given by this ministry," said Kagwe.

He appealed to the political class to take full responsibility.