Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and her aide Geoffrey Otieno have been remanded for three more days, according to court directive issued on Monday, October 19.

Judge Njoki Mwangi also directed the two undergo a mental assessment at the Coast General Hospital before the plea taking.

The judge addressed the bond issue which she asserted was an anticipatory bond, given by a lower court, hence not applicable in the current case.

The two had asked the court to release them on a Ksh500,000 bond, which a magistrate’s court gave them last year.

Murder charge

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) approved the murder and assault charges against the MP over the killing of a man and injury of several other people.

Jumwa was accused of fatally injuring Gumbao Jola, who was shot dead during Ganda Ward in Malindi Constituency in 2019.

The incident occurred after MP Jumwa reportedly stormed a meeting of ODM agents at a house belonging to Reuben Katana, the ODM candidate and eventual winner of the by-election.

She allegedly demanded to know why such a meeting would be held at night after the campaign period had lapsed.