There is confusion as to where the title deed for Parliament buildings is.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) was unable to provide title deeds for several parliament buildings which have raised concerns on the ownership of Kenya's most important building.

Auditor General, Nancy Gathungu stated that PSC did not present title deeds for the main Parliament building, the Centre for Parliamentary Studies (CPST), Protection House, and the Juvenile Court House for audit review.

Unavailable title

“The commission did not provide for audit review, ownership documents for…properties owned and controlled by the commission,” Ms Gathungu said.

“Consequently, it was not possible to confirm the ownership of the assets owned by the commission and whether they are properly safeguarded," she added.

Title deeds are critical documents that show ownership of land or buildings and the lack of this title has exposed prime government land to grabbers.

Parliament now joins the list of key State agencies that have failed to produce proof of ownership of key land assets on their watch.